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Out of Use - datadestruction

Protect your sensitive information

Today’s organisations own and manage a wealth of data. Confidential and sensitive business information is scattered across different devices: PCs, laptops, servers, smartphones and tablets. But data can also be found in unexpected places: copiers, printers, digital cameras, and so on. What can you do with these devices and the stored data when they need to be replaced? How can you be sure that there are no leaks of sensitive information from your IT equipment?

Out of Use offers businesses the guaranteed and certified destruction of these data. This can be done either using software or mechanically, and simply depends on what you opt for as the customer. In the case of software-based destruction, all the data are deleted, but the hardware itself remains intact. The device remains reusable, and it can have a second life with a completely empty memory. In the case of mechanical destruction, the hardware itself is rendered unusable and a second life is impossible. So how is this done? Read all about it on this page!

It's important to know that this data destruction follows a fully traceable process: from the safe and reliable collection of the devices, to the actual data destruction and the Weeelabex-accredited recycling of the data carriers. After destruction Out of Use will issue a data destruction certificate so you can be 100% sure that your data has been securely processed. As an environmental company and circular service provider, we can also promise the environmentally-friendly processing of the devices.

Your benefits:


Absolutely certain destruction

We offer destruction methods at security levels 2 to 5 where it is technically impossible to reproduce the data, all in accordance with the official and stringent DIN66399 standard for the destruction of paper, hard drives and other data carriers.

Certificaat van vernietiging

A transparent certificate of destruction

After the destruction, you’ll receive a destruction certificate. This lists the number of data carriers and can be supplemented with their serial numbers and photos on simple request. After data wiping, you’ll receive a data erasure report. As waste processors, we can also issue an environmental certificate.

Data wiping

We cater for different data carriers

We can destroy your data on several types of electronic data carriers, including hard disks, tapes, SSDs, smartphones, CDs and USB. Where possible we can scan in the serial numbers for listing on the destruction certificate, or we can photograph the data carriers.

Datavernietiging Out of Use

On your own site or in our workshop

Would you rather the devices didn’t leave your company? In that case you can opt for on-site destruction. In this event we visit your business with our mobile shredder or degausser. Destruction then takes place on your premises and under your supervision.

Safe & secure Box

Secure, sealed transport available

Depending on the quantity, we offer transport options in a closed roller container with padlock, or in a sealed Out of Use truck. For smaller data carriers with sensitive information you can use our Safe & Secure Boxes, which are transported by our partner Seris Security. Read more about Safe & Secure Boxes here.

Read more about the Safe & Secure Box here
shredded discs

Both software-based and physical destruction

We offer several methods of destruction to fully meet your wishes: data wiping (in accordance with the ADISA standard using Blancco software), mechanical perforation (in accordance with DIN66399 class H2), degaussing (demagnetisation), and several levels of shredding (in accordance with DIN66399 class H4/T3 and H5/T4). You decide and we take care of the professional execution.


A binding GDPR-compliant contract

In compliance with the GDPR regulations, Out of Use acts as your processor for data destruction. The contract clearly describes the responsibilities and also the liability for any data leaks. We offer three possible destruction levels. Discover more here: Discover more.

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Reliable destruction of your data