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Out of use - reuse

Give your discarded equipment a second life

Technology is developing at a rapid pace. Devices are expanding and offering more and more possibilities. As a company you want your staff to work with the best equipment. But what do you do with discarded equipment whose technical lifespan has not yet expired? By offering it to Out of Use for reuse, you avoid unnecessary recycling and make huge CO2 emission savings.

Currently, the ICT sector is responsible for an estimated three to six percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. That’s the same as the cement and chemical industries combined. On existing growth trends, ICT emissions will have risen to 14 percent by 2040. Recycling should only happen when every product has been used to the full. That is our vision.

Will you help us to make this the new norm in our society? Great! Give up your old equipment for reuse and play an active role in this sustainable transformation. You can also consider buying refurbished equipment yourself. This delivers significant cost savings for your organisation, without significantly compromising on functionality or quality. And you’ll also save up to 99% of CO2 emissions compared with buying a new device.

Curious about the CO2 savings reuse can make? Try our fast and simple CO2 calculator!

Do you want to get involved and offer your equipment for reuse? Excellent! Contact us and we will explain the next steps in detail.

It is also possible to reuse your equipment in your own organisation, sell it to employees or donate it to a charity. Be sure to take a look at our sustainable solutions.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the possibilities.

2600 copiers for reuse thanks to SPIE

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Offering devices for reuse?