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How to destroy data from hard disk professionally?

We offer various options for the data destruction of hard disks: shredding, degaussing, perforating, data wiping, etc. All these processes are secure and 100% GDPR-compliant.

Software data destruction of hard disks

Our software-based data destruction is done with the licensed data destruction software Blancco. Blancco is the world market leader in the field of software-based data destruction and thus sets the tone in terms of security and trust. Thanks to our unique installation we datawipe about 700 disks a day.


Blancco overwrites the hard disk 5 times. This way, not a single trace of the first user can be found. After this process, you as a customer receive a signed certificate of deletion for a complete audit trail.


The great advantage of software-based data destruction is that the hardware remains usable and can be reused. Thanks to the reuse, much more co2 is saved (up to 15 times more) than when one chooses to recycle. 

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Mechanical data destruction of hard disks

As a customer, you also have the option of having your hard disks mechanically destroyed, for example with a shredder. A shredder destroys your hard disk by shredding it into thousands of pieces. Retrieving data is made impossible this way.


We scan the serial numbers and provide you with a certificate. The remaining fractions are recycled after this process. This way, we ensure safe, reliable and environmentally friendly processing.


Another possibility is that these hard drives are destroyed by degaussing. In degaussing, the hard disk is exposed to a strong magnetic field which literally destroys the disk and the data.

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