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Our wide range of services

In order to relieve our customers of all stress, we offer a range of services that are solution-oriented and fully customised.

Data Destruction

Today's organisations own and manage a wealth of data that needs to be extremely secured. Confidential company data is scattered across PCs, laptops, servers, photocopiers, printers, smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, etc. What can you do with old hardware and how do you ensure optimum data security? How can you be sure about deleting your company data?

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Reuse of discarded equipment

Technology is developing at a rapid pace. Devices are expanding and offering more and more possibilities. As a company you want your staff to work with the best equipment. But what do you do with discarded equipment whose technical lifespan has not yet expired? By offering it to Out of Use for reuse, you avoid unnecessary recycling and make huge CO2 emission savings.

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Recycling of E-Waste

Is there still a lot of old electro-appliances lying around in your company or organisation? These devices contain rare earth metals such as gold, silver, copper, nickel, palladium, etc. These are much needed raw materials in Europe. Proper recycling by a reliable partner who also creates maximum added value is essential for your company.

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Dismantling data centers

Do you have a data centre that you want to partially or fully dismantle? Out of Use will dismantle your data centre, professionally and tidily.

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Supervised destruction

Do you want to have your products destroyed under (customs) supervision? At Out Of Use we’re happy to help.

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Automotive solutions

Is your company active in the automotive sector and are you looking for sustainable solutions for vehicle parts? Out of Use has the necessary expertise in the collection and processing of vehicle components. From airbags and safety belt tensioners to complete electric vehicle batteries. We can handle it.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) OFFER

Out Of Use works through reuse and recycling for a sustainable future. For our own living environment and for future generations. Do you want your company to play a meaningful part? Then find out what our solutions can mean for your corporate social responsibility.

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Curious about your CO2 reduction?