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Giving Purpose

Giving Purpose is our slogan, one that we are proud to live up to every day. It applies in several ways to what we do at Out of Use:

Giving Purpose to products and materials by giving them a second life. Today's society is too quick to assume that something has become worthless, or 'waste'. And yet these products can still be of great value to others in our society. After a thorough check and refurbishment/upgrading of the collected materials, we at Out of Use seek a new destination and purpose for these products. If ultimately the product cannot be reused, the materials are recovered as far as possible through recycling into secondary raw materials. This way, too, non-reusable products can be given a new use.

Giving Purpose for all our team and all our our staff because through our activities we contribute to a noble purpose: a more sustainable future world. It is rewarding and meaningful as individuals and as a team to be able to work towards this together.

Out of Use has also chosen to make use of 13 sheltered workshops for dismantling tasks. These tasks bring work to these institutions, and they in turn fulfil a useful role and make a valued contribution to the work of Out of Use.

Last but not least, 'Giving Purpose' also has a social dimension: climate change has made us all aware of the need to use the earth's scarce resources responsibly. As an environmental company we are proud to play our part in a circular, sustainable economy and society.

Our mission and values

For companies and organisations, Out of Use wants to be a sustainable, reliable and unburdened partner by finding a sustainable added value or solution for their decommissioned materials and by reducing their ecological footprint.

Our operations ensure maximum reuse and the high-quality, appropriate recycling of materials into secondary raw materials. This collection and recycling is deliberately local, so that we can fully recover these raw materials and focus fully on ‘urban mining’ in Belgium and Europe. In short, the circular economy in action!

It’s not just what we do that is important: how and why matter, too. So key values for Out of Use are sustainability, integrity, and positivity (hence our logo ;) ).

We aim to give our staff an inclusive and inspiring working environment with mutual respect and space to grow. An environment where it is a pleasure to work and with a genuine team spirit. Interested in our staff? Read on!

Who we are

Meet our top team

At Out of Use we believe in every individual’s talent and in the strength of a diverse and inclusive working environment. Out of Use would not be where it is today without the daily dedication and contributions of our employees.


We are also especially proud of our top team, and it’s a pleasure to introduce them here. Would you too like to be a part of this team and work with us for a sustainable future? Don’t hesitate to contact us and sound us out about current vacancies or opportunities!


Jerry Ickmans

Sales Director
jerry [at]

Kim Claassen

Teamleader battery dismantling
kim [at]

Rudi Schoonis

Operator Battery dismantling

Robby Vanleene


Eren Koca

Operator Recycling

Eric Theunis

Teamleader Logistics
eric.theunis [at]

Raphael Rogiers

Operator Recycling

Phil Wysmans

Operator Reuse

Robbe Papen

Allround Marketeer
Robbe [at]

Carolien Huygen

Operator Recyclage

Mark Adriaenssens

mark [at]

Tynchtykbek (tim) Omuraliev

Operator Reuse

Marc Steegmans

Operator Recycling

An van Roosbroeck

Management Assistent & HR
an [at]

Yassin Abdul Ghani

IT Trader
yassin [at]

Niels Saenen

Operator Reuse

Yannick Adriaenssens

yannick [at]

Vanessa Thys

Administration and Logistics
vanessa [at]

Gertjan Laenen

Operator Reuse

Marco Schoonis

Operations Lead
marco [at]

Stijn Driesen


Oleh Onopriienko

Operator Reuse

Justyna Jagiela

Sales Reuse
justyna [at]

Ibrahim Alabnieh

Operator Recycling

Isolde Isenborghs

Webshop Coordinator
isolde [at]

Ahmed Abualwafa

Operator Reuse

Hanane Azgoun

Logistics planner
hanane [at]

Zappa Oude Wansink

Operator Reuse

Eddy Thijs

Operator Recycling

Certification to be proud of

In March 2018 Out of Use received a WEEELABEX certificate (Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment Label of Excellence). Preparation for recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment follows the requirements of the EN 50614 Standard. This makes us the first Belgian recycler in the B2B market to receive this important certification. Read more on our news page and at

We are a recognised partner of Recupel as a chartered collector and processor of both domestic and professional WEEE.

Our structural partners

Circular Brussels

The digital gap in Belgium is real. Not everybody has access to the internet, a smartphone, laptop or PC. To close the digital gap, Out of Use established the non-profit association 'Circular Brussels’. Companies can therefore donate their IT equipment to this charity in complete peace of mind. Out of Use takes care of collection and certified data destruction, and Circular Brussels attends to the transparent distribution of these donated IT materials to grateful people in need.


Natuurpunt is an independent voluntary association that works for more and better nature in Flanders. Since 2015, Out of Use and Natuurpunt have joined forces to convert collected IT equipment into the planting of additional woodland in Flanders. This exceptionally successful cooperation, under the slogan 'Recycling for Natuurpunt', is a fundamental and integral part of Out of Use's service offering.


Natagora is an independent voluntary association for the protection of nature, active in Brussels and Wallonia. Out of Use has been a partner company of Natagora since 2017. Thanks to the proceeds of our "Recycling for Natagora" campaign, Natagora can purchase and create new protected nature reserves in French-speaking Belgium.


As a partner of Recupel, Out of Use is a chartered collector and processor of both domestic and professional WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment).

Various sheltered workshops

Wherever possible, we are happy to work with sheltered and social workshops. This cooperation enables us to give work to people who cannot easily find a place in the 'regular' employment circuit. As a customer of Out of Use, you play an active part in the employment of these people. What is more, they do this work very well. How exactly does this work? We provide them with viable dismantling tasks with well-defined guidelines and a clear task order. In turn, they ensure high-quality processing and performance. A productive social and civic partnership.

Passionate & motivated?

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