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Safe, secure and certified!

The Safe and Secure Box is a co-creation by Seris Logistics and Out of Use allowing businesses and organisations to store their electronic and paper data carriers in a secure and sealed box and have them transported to the Out of Use workshop. There the data present on the data carriers is destroyed in a secure and certified way.

Before the start of the collaboration, the customer receives a binding collaboration agreement from Out of Use. This contract guarantees safe data destruction and defines the agreed destruction method.


Every box is fitted with unique pull-tight seals and unique void sticker seals. During transport, we use a GDPR manifest, a document that contains the specifications of the box and its contents.

When collected by Seris Logistics, the number of data carriers is counted and recorded. The transport is monitored with a Track & Trace system.

When the despatch reaches Out of Use, the warehouseman records the seal number and completes the consignment note as proof of receipt. The customer receives the seal number and a destruction certificate.

The Safe & Secure Box has a 30 litre capacity and can take a maximum of 30 kg.