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Demontage van datacenters

Skilled and neat

Our specially trained dismantling team will visit the site to expertly remove the servers, switches, patch panels or routers from the racks. We can also remove entire racks or clear the whole server room.

If required, we can partially open up the computer floors to remove all excess cabling. Afterwards, all the tiles will be neatly replaced or further dismantled.

We can also expertly dismantle the old fire extinguishing system and the air-conditioning. Gases and gas bottles are then recycled in accordance with the legislation.

We take the old IT equipment away with us and ensure its proper treatment.

In short, we provide the professional and clean result you need. Contact us for a custom quotation that meets your needs.

Do you also want to destroy the data on your hard drives? No problem, we’ll handle it: Out Of Use provides secure GDPR-compliant data destruction. You can read more here:


Professional dismantling for your data centre.