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You’re looking for an easy, secure and sustainable solution, for example for:

  • the collection of obsolete IT equipment
  • the dismantling of your server room
  • the destruction of a product batch (with or without customs oversight)

You contact Out of Use and we take care of speedy collection and/or processing.

From a few PCs to the dismantling of large server rooms: Out of Use ensures that you get help fast, and do so to the highest security and environmental standards.


On receipt of the equipment, and with your approval, we look at whether it qualifies for reuse.

If not, the equipment is expertly dismantled and hazardous substances are removed. These primary materials are recycled to create secondary raw materials.


Equipment that can be reused is prepared for its second life:

First the data on the data carriers is removed using best-in-class software. Next these items are tested, repaired and cleaned for their second life.


Out of Use gives you a transparent overview of the processed materials.

This can include a data destruction certificate and indexing of the equipment if desired. In addition, Out of Use pays you for the equipment delivered, and you can then opt to donate the payment to people or nature (see the sustainable solutions’ page).

For which devices can you contact us?

All electrical and electronic equipment, and there are quite a lot of them, just think of:IT materials (laptops, monitors, keyboards, printers, servers, etc.), mobile phones & tablets, household appliances, batteries and much more. 


But we also apply our circular story to the automotive sector; for example, you can also come to us with batteries for electric vehicles, belt tensioners, and airbags. You can find more information in our terms of acceptence.

In which containers can your appliances be collected?

Every customer has different wishes and needs. In order to make it as easy as possible for you, we offer various containers with which we collect your equipment. In this picture, for example, you can see a member of our staff next to a roll container.


Such containers are ideal for obsolete IT equipment (servers, printers, keyboards, mice, screens, ...) In this list you will find all our containers that we offer. You can always contact us for additional information.

Curious about our services?