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Out of Use considers the protection of your privacy important.

To ensure that you can continue to entrust us with your personal data, we respect the applicable privacy and data protection legislation (Law of 8 December 1992 on the Protection of Privacy) and act in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (also known as the AVG - General Data Protection Regulation - 2016/679).

This privacy statement sets out what personal data is collected and how we use and process it. By using our website, you agree to this privacy statement.

Data collection
The personal data you submit via this website or via an e-mail action connected to this website, will be stored by Out Of Use nv. You agree that these will be used to provide the services and/or products you have requested, to follow up your file or to inform you of additional information. The company may keep some personal data about you (such as your name, your first name, your mother tongue, your address, your telephone/mobile phone number, your e-mail address,...).
These data are kept, among other things, if you ask us a question via the contact form. With this request you have to provide us with a number of details (surname, first name, company name, function, address, e-mail address, gender). These data are used to check the admission to insight of our services, as well as to optimise our relationship with these (new) business partners at a later stage. An example of this is sending out a newsletter. Finally, data can also be collected via actions linked to this website.

How can you ask questions about our privacy policy and retrieve your personal data?
Your data are provided entirely voluntarily and you have the right not to provide them. Out of Use nv will treat the data of visitors/participants in accordance with the Law of 08/12/92 on the Protection of Privacy and in accordance with the GDPR (AVG 2016/679). The company may use this data for the promotion of its products and services. The participant/visitor has the right to inspect the data concerning him/her and may, if necessary, request their correction or deletion by sending an e-mail to info [at]

©Out of Use. All copyrights and other intellectual property rights on all text, images, sounds, software and other materials on this website are owned by Out Of Use and its affiliated companies or are included with permission of the relevant owner. It is permitted to browse this website and reproduce fragments of it by printing, downloading to a hard disk, as well as by distribution to other people, but in all cases only for informative purposes and on the condition that the above mentioned copyright notice appears in all these reproductions. No reproduction of any part of the site may be sold or distributed for commercial purposes.

Conditions of use
By using this website, you indicate your acceptance of the terms of use. You undertake not to use this website for unauthorised purposes or practices, including unauthorised access to certain parts of the website, hacking or uploading viruses. The owner of this website may change the conditions of use at any time and without prior notice.

Each visit to and use of the website is subject to this privacy declaration. The input of personal data on the website, if any, implies that the user has actual knowledge of the privacy declaration and has accepted its contents. This privacy declaration can be modified without prior warning. It is therefore advisable to consult this privacy declaration each time you visit.

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