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Data destruction of laptops and desktops

With laptops and desktops, we can destroy the hard disks mechanically by first removing them from the devices. After this there are various mechanical options: shredding, degaussing or perforating.


The fractions and remnants of the hard disk are then recycled. The device can be reused.


With software-based data destruction, the complete device remains intact. The device will be de-wired, tested and graded with Blancco. After this, the device can get a second life.

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Data destruction of smartphones

Data from smartphones can be destroyed either by software or mechanically. If you opt for our software-based process, we will data-wipe the device with Blancco. The data will be overwritten up to five times, so you can be sure that all the data has been deleted for good. The device can then be given a second life.


You can also choose to mechanically destroy the device. Our shredder will shred the smartphone. The fractions then go into our recycling process.

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