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Out of Use - Recycling

Why recycle?

There are ever more people on the earth, all increasing their consumption. This is unsustainable unless we switch from a disposable society to a circular one, where we are fully committed to recovering used materials.


Is there still a lot of old or broken electrical or electronic equipment lying around in your company or organisation? These devices contain rare earth elements such as gold, silver, copper, nickel, and palladium.


These are much-needed raw materials in today's world. According to the 'urban mining', concept these devices form a contemporary source (or 'mine') for the recovery of these materials.


Did you know that electronic waste contains as much as 50 times more valuable metals and minerals than ores obtained through mining? The scarcity of natural resources in Belgium, and by extension Europe, also confirms the importance of urban mining.

Why Out Of Use?

Are you looking for a reliable partner for the proper recycling of your equipment that also offers fair compensation in return? Then Out of Use is the place to come :) We have years of expertise, a proven track record and all the necessary permits and quality labels.


Out Of Use is a recognised partner of Recupel for the B2B market, as a chartered WEEE collector and processer. We have a class 1 environmental permit for the processing of WEEE, granted by the Province of Limburg Executive. So we satisfy all the conditions of the VLAREM legislation. For connoisseurs: our registered number with the Flemish waste agency OVAM is 102070, valid until 28/05/2025 ;).


Since March 2018 Out Of Use has also held a WEEELABEX certificate (Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment Label of Excellence). We were the first Belgian recycler in the B2B market to receive this important certification.


“Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment Label of Excellence”, WEEELABEX for short, was developed by processors and producers at European level. The charter describes the procedures for recycling, processing and treatment of WEEE. European directive 2002/96/EC calls for a detailed description of the term “appropriate treatment”. WEEELABEX is the industry’s response.

Your old equipment becomes new raw materials

Interested in our recycling percentage? We recover as much as 89.96% of secondary raw materials from 100% electrical and electronic waste. A further 4% is incinerated with energy recovery, with a recovery rate of 93.96%. We monitor these figures closely, and try to improve year by year.

When you use our services, we can issue you a recognised processing certificate for your waste register on simple request.

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Any equipment that needs to be recycled?