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2600 copiers for reuse thanks to SPIE

SPIE Belgium - ICS Division, a part of SPIE the independent market leader in multi-technical energy and communications services, gives its old ICT equipment a second life. Since 2017 the organisation has collaborated with the accredited recycling company Out of Use for the collection and repurposing or recycling of computer hardware.

2600 copiers for reuse
“On behalf of SPIE Belgium, ICS Division (the former Systemat) we collected a good 2600 copiers from European institutions in 32 towns and cities across 16 European countries," says Out Of Use CEO Mark Adriaenssens. “We also took care of data wiping and the repurposing of these copiers. All the data were removed before we transported them to our warehouse in Beringen. There we prepared them for reuse in Europe.”

Collaboration with Natuurpunt and Natagora
When reuse is not possible, Out Of Use handles proper recycling into secondary raw materials. "Businesses like SPIE with its CSR policy are a great example to other companies,” he continues. The proceeds from recycling go to the Recycleren voor Natuurpunt collection campaign, so that new trees can be planted in parts of Flanders with little woodland. And we’ve recently started on a similar campaign in Wallonia, Recycler pour Natagora.

Corporate social vision
Robert Dequinze, Project Manager at SPIE Belgium - ICS Division: “For every repurposing or recycling of electronic data carriers such as PCs, laptops, mobile phones or copiers, we get a certificate that guarantees the destruction of all the data. At the same time, this collaboration expands our corporate vision of circular business practice. Environmental sustainability is a substantial part of our business plan. We put the environment at the heart of all our activities and in Out Of Use we’ve found the ideal partner!”

Spie Belgium Out of Use

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