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Destroying SSDs vs HDDs

More and more devices are using Solid State Drives instead of Hard Disk Drives. Solid State Drives (SSDs) differ from Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) because they have microchips that can NOT be shredded with standard shredders. Therefore, Out of Use uses a micro-shredder specifically for Solid State Drives (SSDs) and other small data-containing technology. 

SSDs software destruction

You can also destroy SSDs software-wise. Software-based destruction has the advantage that the SSD is still usable afterwards. With software-based destruction, the SSD is overwritten up to 5 times so that there is no trace of the first user.

Destroying SSDs mechanically

Degaussing of SSDs is not possible. Therefore, shredding is the only mechanical solution. When shredding SSDs, it is important that the remaining shreds are small enough to destroy the individual chips.

The result is tiny granules of shredded material, the exact size of which depends on the capacity of the shredder. For SSDs, it is recommended that the chips are smaller than 10 mm to ensure chip destruction. At Out of Use, we even have the ability to shred down to 2 mm.

If you would like more information on mechanical destruction of SSDs, contact us now. We will help you quickly.

Want to know more about our data destruction services?

Besides the destruction of SSDs, we also specialise in HDDs, smartphones, tapes, ... All destruction options are according to DIN 66399 standards.


At Out of Use, we are happy to help you in a safe but also environmentally friendly way.

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