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While the corona crisis seems to be in the past, the consequences are still there: working from home is hipper than ever and laptops have now completely replaced fixed computers. As a company, what do you do with these discarded desktops?

The global mountain of e-waste is growing exponentially: 53.6 million tonnes were generated worldwide in 2019, and it will undoubtedly be a lot more in 2022. Companies have a large share in this, given their size and scale. Thanks to the corona crisis, they will add to it. During the pandemic, many companies were forced to revamp their IT packages to ensure that staff could effectively work remotely.


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This change has resulted in a huge number of desktop PCs and monitors being left unused in offices. Almost a third of desktop PCs have been "made redundant" and left in office spaces. (Source: The State of Business IT 2020) As a result, and with the rise of hybrid working, many companies are now faced with the challenge of getting rid of these unnecessary devices.

Yet these discarded or redundant devices still present some opportunities. The fixed devices are worthless to them, but still very valuable to other organisations. Offering the appliances for reuse is an incredibly good and socially responsible solution. Through this reuse, companies also save many tonnes of CO2, which is now more important than ever.

An environmental company like Out of Use assists companies in this. As a sustainable partner, we extract as much value as possible from these discarded appliances. With a focus on maximum reuse to keep these appliances active on the market for longer. For many schools or other organisations, these devices are still perfectly usable, which is what Out of Use tries to help with. We also ensure that the data on the devices is completely erased, no trace of the first user will be found.

Do you wish to offer devices for reuse, or would you like some additional information about our services? Then please email info [at], we will be happy to help! 😉

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