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CoderDojo regularly receives laptops for donation. Before these laptops are used, they need to be tested and datawiped. Out of Use helps CoderDojo with a load of some 100 laptops: "Out of Use offers the perfect and sustainable solution."

CoderDojo Belgium is a non-profit movement that organises free meetings for young people aged 7 to 18 to learn to programme in a club setting. These Dojos are set up entirely by volunteers. To support their operation, CoderDojo regularly receives donations of second-hand equipment.

"We are grateful that companies and individuals are thus giving their used laptops a second life and we can lend a laptop to children who visit our Dojos - who do not have a laptop at home. We needed help with a shipment of about 100 laptops and Out of Use offers the perfect solution to get those computers ready for reuse in our Dojos in a sustainable and safe way. , says Joke Van Driessche of CoderDojo.

Out of Use will process all donated laptops. "Our Reuse team will test the laptops, datawipe them, anonymise them and clean them up. This will make them usable again. We are delighted to be able to help CoderDojo with this." says Mark Adriaenssens, the CEO of Out of Use.

The shipment of laptops has been processed in the meantime and yielded 109 devices that will be used again in the Dojos. If you are interested in donating your old laptop to this cause, please contact CoderDojo via e-mail: info [at]

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