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Mark Adriaenssens, CEO and founder of the circular IT and electronics company Out of Use in Beringen, gives the green light to Sales Director Jerry Ickmans and Marketing Specialist Robbe Papen for the launch of Back in Use. An apt name that clearly states its purpose.


Back in Use lancering

Flying start

In August, Jerry Ickmans and Robbe Papen initiated the B2B test phase of the brand-new webshop. In just three months, Back in Use managed to secure over 600 orders. Even more impressive is the customer satisfaction with an extraordinary average score of 9.5 out of ten. Jerry Ickmans is already enthusiastic: "Our three-month test phase has yielded stunning results that confirm our commitment to quality and sustainability. It's a clear sign that we are on the right track to rewrite the standards in the IT industry, according to our thoughtful circular business model."

Thanks to this success, Back in Use is now opening its doors to the general public. From today, individuals can also purchase high-quality IT equipment through the webshop at an attractive price.

Unrivaled quality, with warranty

"The webshop's range includes an extensive selection of refurbished laptops, desktops, monitors, accessories, and more. Each product is meticulously checked, tested, and hygienically cleaned to meet the highest standards," explains Robbe Papen. Additionally, Back in Use offers two condition classes for their products: A and A+, with A+ devices being barely distinguishable from new. Ickmans emphasizes: "Our range consists of devices from the professional market, which generally have a significantly longer lifespan than consumer devices. Each product comes with a standard one-year warranty, with the option to extend it to two years."

Make a Difference

ack in Use aims to make a difference in the transition to more sustainable technology. The slogan of the new webshop is appropriately "Make a difference." Customers contribute to a positive impact on the environment by simply giving a chance to second-hand IT equipment. This not only extends the lifespan of electronic devices but also saves valuable resources and reduces electronic waste.

And Back in Use goes even further. A webshop customer can choose to have a piece of forest planted through Natuurpunt. Robbe Papen explains: "For each order, a customer can have ten euros worth of trees planted to offset the CO2 emissions from transport. We work closely with large companies that, like us, are committed to circular business." Moreover, you can send your old equipment that you no longer use in the same box. We ensure that your old device is rid of all sensitive data and is recycled according to the rules of the art.

Bright prospects

Back in Use has ambitious plans for the future. The company aims not only to become the reference webshop for the reuse of IT equipment but has also set its sights on our neighboring countries. With a growing demand for sustainable IT solutions and a strong focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Back in Use is determined to take an irresistible position for both businesses and individuals.

Discover the brand new webshop now!

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