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Companies, organisations and government institutions are becoming more and more dependent on technology, which ultimately also leads to more digital data. Some examples are customer data or confidential company data. This data is stored on computers, mobile devices, but also on less obvious devices such as printers. When these devices are no longer used, because they are obsolete or perhaps defective, the data remain intact. Although it may be tempting to store these devices somewhere in a dark room or to dispose of them quickly, this is not a good (read: safe) solution. 

Handling customer data in a secure and responsible manner

A data breach caused by negligence can permanently damage a company's reputation. In fact, since the new privacy legislation (GDPR) of 2018, it is more important than ever that companies handle their data in a responsible and secure manner. This law (art.38) also states that companies and organisations must regularly conduct an audit of the data security measures taken. Data destruction of end-of-life devices certainly belongs in this process.

Why choose a professional partner to destroy your data?

The simple answer is: These companies have the expertise and knowledge to guarantee you that all data is destroyed. If you try to do this yourself, the data destruction will most likely be incomplete, not accurate and not guaranteed.

Which is better: mechanical destruction or software destruction?

What options of destruction are there and what is 'the better'? Each company has a different preference. At Out of Use both mechanical and software-based destruction are possible.

Out of Use uses Blancco as data destruction software, the international standard for qualitative data destruction. By using this professional software, the data can be erased without any data recovery being possible. As a result, the data is securely and completely erased, but the physical device remains intact with this method. In this way, reuse of the devices is possible, with considerable social and environmental benefits. Translated with (free version)

If your company does opt for mechanical data destruction, there are several possibilities:

- Perforation: mechanical perforation of the data carrier
- Degaussing: degaussing of the data carrier (very strong magnetic field, re-use or reading of data is impossible)
- Shredding: Shredding with a blade width of 38mm

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