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In recent years, the use of electronic devices has increased significantly. In other words, we are becoming more dependent on electronics. When a device is end-of-life, we are immediately tempted to replace it. But how do we make these devices last longer? This is an interesting question for your wallet, but also for the environment. Here are a few tips.

1. Clean the devices regularly

It is important to clean electronic devices regularly. Dust and other particles cause ventilation openings to become blocked. This can cause devices to overheat and become damaged.

You can clean a computer, for example, with a blower or a hoover. Unscrew the covers of your laptop or desktop computer to reveal the fans, which usually accumulate a lot of dust and hair over long periods of time. The more dirt, the greater the risk of overheating.

On a smartphone or tablet, you can use a needle to remove the dust from all the ports. This dust is also often the reason why a device no longer charges or charges more difficultly.

2. Avoid extreme heat / extreme cold / extreme humidity

Avoid both extremely high and low temperatures. Elevated temperatures accelerate the degradation of almost every battery component and other electrical parts. So don't leave your laptop or mobile phone in a hot car on a warm summer day ;).

If your device becomes noticeably hot while charging, unplug it. Also extreme cold and/or humidity has a negative impact on the life of an electronic device.

3. Charge batteries strategically

Minimise the time the battery is at 100% or 0% charge. Research (source: University of Michigan) shows that both extremely high and extremely low "charge" states put a strain on the battery.

Therefore, consider a partial charge that restores the battery to 80% rather than 100%. If this is not possible, unplug the battery when it reaches 100%. In addition, only use "fast chargers" if necessary. During "fast charging", a lithium-ion battery degrades faster than during standard charging.

4. Offer your appliances for reuse / buy second-hand electronics

A very obvious way to extend the life of a device is to offer it for reuse. When you, for whatever reason, have a new device, you can give the old device a second life. Buying refurbished is a very good solution for the same reason.


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Extend the life of your device by donating it for reuse? Check out the possibilities.

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