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At Out of Use, we believe in working on a human scale. That is why we are delighted to highlight our latest collaboration with De Klimroos. In this article, we are happy to share more about this inspiring collaboration and how we are working together towards a circular future.

Presentation of De Klimroos

De Klimroos is a customisation company based in Pelt. They specialise in providing employment opportunities to people who have difficulty accessing the mainstream labour market. At De Klimroos, these talented individuals get the chance to develop their skills and be part of a committed and enthusiastic team.

A new assignment: testing laptop adapters

Our recent collaboration with De Klimroos relates to the testing of laptop adapters. The people at De Klimroos take on this task with great care. They thoroughly test each adapter and identify which ones are still working and can be reused. In this way, we give working adapters a second life, helping to reduce electronic waste and promote sustainability.

Giving Purpose philosophy

Mark Adriaenssens, CEO at Out of Use, said: 'We are extremely grateful to be able to pass these activities on to De Klimroos, as it fits perfectly with our philosophy of 'Giving Purpose'. We not only give purpose to electronic waste, but also to people who want to use their talents and make a positive impact.'

De klimroos

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