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More and more people are considering buying a refurbished smartphone instead of a new one. This has some considerable advantages. Yet, buying a second hand device still scares some people off. In this article, you will find some reasons why refurbished could also be the right choice for you.

What does refurbished mean?

To refurbish means to check and possibly to correct or to repair. The devices have been used before, but are then fully checked. Dozens of functionality tests indicate whether or not a repair is necessary.

So it is not necessary that a refurbished smartphone was defective in the first place, which is what many people still think. In addition, the devices are completely dated, so that there are no traces of the first user on the inside.


Buying refurbished electronic devices has two major ecological advantages:

- The entire electronic waste produced when destroying used products is reduced.
- No new raw materials are used to produce your new device.

Environmentally conscious consumers are increasingly becoming concerned that certain purchasing behaviour has a negative impact on the planet and are learning to appreciate refurbished products thanks to these benefits.


Another important advantage of buying refurbished products is that you save some money. The price difference between new and used appliances can be considerable. The fact that most of these products are cheaper does not mean that their quality is inferior or that they are substandard. The lower cost is an incentive because it is a resale

In addition, the device has already had a first user, which also makes the price cheaper.


Refurbished appliances are also covered by a warranty. The legal warranty period for a refurbished appliance is one year. This gives you enough time to track down any defects.

A -, B - or C - Grade

What you see is what you get. If there are traces of use on the device, they will be indicated with a grade:

- A: An A-grade device is as good as new. The device is in nearly perfect condition.
- B: A B-grade refurbished device, has a good condition. This means that the device looks very clean and almost like new, but has slight traces of use.
- C: A C-grade device is technically and functionally fine, but has clear cosmetic traces of use.

The lower the grade, the lower the price 😊.

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