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Data destruction

Data is costly. With our expertise, we ensure the safe, reliable, certified destruction of your sensitive data.


Extend the lifetime of your discarded equipment, reduce CO2 emissions and receive the return that suits your organisation.


We recycle equipment that cannot be reused to obtain much-needed raw materials in Europe.

Proof that we make a difference

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How can we help you?

IT out of Use

A ‘one-stop-shop’ for your obsolete IT equipment

From the smallest smartphones to the largest server rooms, from reuse to compulsory destruction, we have the solution for your equipment.

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data center out of use

Dismantling data centres

Do you have a data centre that needs to be partially or fully dismantled? We provide a professional team that will come and do the job safely, quickly and cleanly.

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auto onderdelen out of use

Automotive solutions

Out of Use offers solutions for the destruction of individual vehicle parts: airbags, safety belt tensioners, IT components, etc. Out of Use also specialises in the collection and processing of electric vehicle batteries.

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bos out of use

Turn your equipment into more woodland and nature in Belgium

We all like to enjoy the beauty of nature around us: to walk in, to exercise, or simply to relax. In Belgium, we could do with even more nature! Giving your equipment to Out of Use means it can be transformed into more woodland and nature reserves in Flanders and Wallonia. You receive a transparent overview of the extra nature you’ve created, and can even come and plant it if you wish.

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digitale inclusie out of use

Improving digital inclusion in Belgium together

Digital inequalities in Belgium bring the threat of social and economic exclusion. Your old but still functional laptops and PCs are immensely valuable in resolving this problem. Our ‘Share-IT’ campaign works to bring your equipment, refurbished and clean of data, to people in need.

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Giving purpose, each and every day

With a sustainable vision and circular mindset, we try to maximise the value of each and every product. That may be in its existing form, or in another application, or ultimately as recoverable raw materials for new equipment. We are convinced of the social importance of what we do, and are really proud of our positive entrepreneurship. We welcome every customer who believes in our approach and our aims, and together we put all our energy into working for a sustainable future.

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Our advantages



We have years of experience and a track record to be proud of. We are fully accredited, follow strict standards and are audited for all our various activities.

klantgericht out of use


We aim for 100% customer satisfaction. No matter how specific your request, we will try to find a sustainable solution.

duurzaam out of use


We are an environmental company, and sustainability is at the heart of our philosophy. This philosophy is reflected in our day-to-day operations, and we celebrate it with our customers by sharing CO2 emission certificates, tree certificates, annual reports and the like.

Get your report on CO2emissions avoided

Re-use and recycling are both part of the circular economy, where value is maximised by looking at ways to reuse first the products, then the parts and finally the raw materials. An additional and very important advantage of this is the substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) compared with the use of newly mined ores. If you’ve delivered you equipment to Out of Use, ask us for your report on the CO2 emissions avoided.

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On 7 November 2021, Out of Use broke the world domino record with laptops. Watch the exciting footage of our record attempt here.

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