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All necessary information about our record attempt can be found here.

Handje helpen

How can I help break the world record?

- Bring your old laptops to Out of Use, these will be used during the record attempt.

- Sponsor 4 euro per laptop, these proceeds will be used for Natuurpunt

Ask for more information via our contact page.

Additional Information
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To whom do the proceeds of this record attempt go?

Our partner Natuurpunt will be engaged as a charity.

Go to their website

What happens to the sponsored money?

Natuurpunt will use this to plant new forest land in Flanders. Per fallen laptop they can plant 2M2 of forest.

More info
Out of Use

Where will the record attempt take place?

The world record attempt will take place in the warehouse of Out of Use. This way, the laptops that are recycled here get a last but important stop.

laptop domino 1

When will this record attempt take place?

On 7 November at 2 p.m., the first laptop will fall, and at 2.02 p.m. (hopefully) the last will fall.

laptop domino

What happens to the laptops after this record attempt?

All laptops used for this purpose are non-reusable and will be professionally recycled after this event.

How many laptops do we want to drop?

at least

How much forest land will this create in Flanders?

hopefully more than


How did this record attempt come about?

A few months ago, we received an interesting request from Jens Demol, a domino fanatic from Kuurne, in our mailbox:

"Do you want to collaborate on a world record for dominoes? But not just with dominoes, with LAPTOPS!"


Our interest was piqued immediately. With Out of Use, we are specialised in the reuse and recycling of these devices, which made us the ideal organiser.


The world record is currently held by multinational and laptop manufacturer Lenovo. In 2018, they toppled 520 laptops. As an SME from Limburg, we want to do much better. :) 

Natuurpunt as charity

Per laptop, Natuurpunt can plant 2 m2 of woodland in Flanders.


If we can drop 700 laptops, this will yield 1400m2 of extra forest soil in Flanders.


Sponsor this unique action with your company and help break the world record!

Help us to break this world record, and at the same time give nature in Flanders a boost.