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Donate your reusable computers and smartphones to vulnerable people.

During the Covid-19 crisis, it emerged that many families lack the financial means to buy the hardware needed for things like following distance learning courses. The link between digital and social needs in our society was laid painfully bare. Fortunately, there was a great wave of solidarity, as many companies showed themselves willing to donate their not-so-old laptops and computers to people in need.

To strengthen that solidarity, Out of Use, in collaboration with Circular.Brussels vzw, launched the SHARE-IT campaign for businesses and organisations.

Are there any laptops, desktops, tablets, tablets or screens lying around in your company that are no longer used? Would you like to help close the digital gap in Belgium, while complying with the WEEE legislation and remaining GDPR-proof? Together we can achieve that!

In this social project, Out Of Use is responsible for:

  • All communications with the customer, including a transparent summary of your donation and a valuation certificate.
  • The professional collection of your equipment with appropriate protective measures.          
  • The refurbishment of the equipment, including:
    • Certified data destruction: using professional data destruction software and accompanied by a certificate guaranteeing that all the previous user’s information has been destroyed.
    • Testing: the hardware is then thoroughly tested by our specialists. Repairing: any defective parts are replaced with high-quality new parts.
    • Cleaning and anonymising: all the devices are thoroughly cleaned and any external company marking is removed.

Circular.Brussels is responsible for:

  • Re-installation: Once the hardware is fully approved, equipment with a licence is upgraded to Windows 10.
  • The professional packaging of the refurbished equipment with accessories.
  • The equipment is offered accessibly to schools or poverty organisations in their network.
  • An undertaking by the recipient that the equipment will be returned to Out Of Use after use for proper recycling into secondary raw materials within Europe.

Interested in taking part? Then contact us to find out about our terms and conditions!